The United Solaris Nations

The United Solaris Nations began as the remnants of Earth’s governments after the destruction of The Great Human War in 2267. After the Blue Nations victory, they quickly annexed the entirety of the Eastern Nations and quickly wrote a constitution, of which there has been around 260 versions over the years. The resulting government called itsself the Solar Human Republic and after over 500 year of adjustments and linguistic evolution, is currently known as the United Solaris Nations.

Solar System Populations

Moon Colony 1 – the Earthlings’ first extraterrestrial attempt at colonization, having started as a small series of pods and a population of no more than a handful of scientists of varied specialities. The colony, originally a German settlement, was founded in 2136, and has since flourished as a hub of trade and travel, and, more recently, a tourist destination for all Sapient species, among whom only the Dremnin and Jolnithians predate in the realms of space exploration. Today, Moon Colony 1 is home to over 3 million residents, 78% human, 15% Jolnithian, 5% Imperials, 3% Krumpt and 2% Dremnin. It is populated largely by corporate employees of varying walks of life, boasting the largest middle class of any human settlement in history, with unemployment rates of less than 2%. Earth’s Moon proved to be incompatible with Habitaforming* and thus consists of a tremendous series of tunnels, tubes and domes, housing all of the residents, as well as a number of reasonably lucrative farms. residents are notorious for being taller and thinner than normal examples of their species due to the low gravity.




Extra-Solar Populations

The United Solaris Nations

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