The Lucas Tembibia Energy Solutions Corporation (more widely known as simply “Tembibia”) controls the vast majority of the energy within the solar system, with mines and collection sites throughout the system.
it is considered distinct from the The United Solaris Nations for a myriad of legal reasons, not the least of which is a set of accords 400 years ago during an unprecedented energy crisis, which they, after having been granted legal authority to govern itself, graciously provided a series of solutions for.

they are known to often partner with Rexcorp in issues of galactic corporate rights as well as research and development. the two companies are deeply entwined, Rexcorp holding most patents for UV collection, gas collection platforms, and Synth bioengineering, Tembibia providing solar power, nuclear-industrial equipment (and fuel), a huge percentage of human agriculture, and, far less known to the public, sapient trade.

Tembibia has mines throughout the system as well as in many other unoccupied systems throughout the galaxy, none in a position that might compromise their political interests. there are three stand out communities, all Solar.

Mercury This small colony was build to tend to the solar collection panels strewn all across the planet’s surface. it houses 4 million employees, who live year round on the super heated planet, all within domes that maintain a normal 24 hour day-night cycle for the residents.

Ganymede Tembibia’s largest population center today boasts 350 million residents, most of whom are 3rd to 4th generation Ganymedans, due to a large immigration 150 years ago following a viral scare on earth (which turned out to be a hoax). the original colony was established simply as a gas collection base to launch the collection platforms to jupiter, but now only about 1.5 million residents are thus employed. the remainder are more likely to be employed at the trade docks that now characterize this bustling galactic hub, which sees more than 7 trillion credits in goods pass through every day.

Umbriel Another gas collection facility with a population of 1.5 million employees, each involved in the gas collection activity on Uranus in some way. it is one of the most active collection facilities in the galaxy and all of its employees take great pride in this.


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