The Dremnin of the Kingdom of Helana are, as a culture, softspoken and passive. They avoid eye contact if at all possible (paying more attention to their commlinks generally)and have a strong sense of personal space.
They are obsessively subservient to the Dae King and his counsel. The King and his counsel rule the planet Helana pleasantly and precisely, commanding the absolute loyalty of all of their subjects. Dissenters are exiled, but freely so. once every few months for the last 150 years, a shuttle from the planet picks up Dissenters and allows them travel to one of the nearby bases of the other empires. there is no jailing, no trials, nor any real push on these individuals other than a status of social pariah. the Dremnin people loyal to the crown are happy to be so. earnestly. they are a people of rules and order, and this is probably why they were the species to invent quantum technology.

The Helana System is the only known source of trillia, a rare earth mineral required for temporal portal travel. this fact makes the Kingdom one of the more powerful among the species, as how all intergalactic travel requires at least some form of TPT.

Dissenter Dremnin find themselves all across the 5 empires. every other species allows immigration, with the notable exception of the Kingdom of Helana, which is a homogenous culture. Newly exiled Dremnin find themselves generally experience a period of culture shock (humans constantly holding eye contact during conversation, the Krumpt’s constant conversation, Imperials’ lack of personal space, etc.) but after their adjustment period do very well in the other cultures, and their children grow up with the same mentalities as any other member of the societies in question.

Dremnin are tall, thin humanoids with blue skin and completely lacking hair, having small, round heads, wide mouths with thin lips, covering the flat teeth of an herbivore, and very small ears. They have long, gaunt arms nearly the length of their legs, long, thin fingers lacking nails, and vestigial wings draping their backs, they lack toes, though their bone structure in their feet and legs are remarkably similar to humans. Loyalists tend to dress in dark colors, Dessenters dress in whatever fashion is popular in the areas they live (generally)

Dissenter Dremnin recieve the following racial abilities:

Keen sense (+2 to notice using hearing)
Scholarly: Dremnin recieve a free d6 in a Knowledge skill of their choice, additionally, recieve a free Scholar edge, recieving +2 to 2 knowledge skills in which they have a d8
Thin skinned: Dremnin recieve a -4 to resist all negative environmental effects
Cryo-Sickness: Dessenter Dremnin deal with the shock coming out of cryosleep poorly, their bodies taking longer to recover than other sapients, they are fatigued for 24 hours after coming out of cryosleep
Intelligent: Elves recieve a free d6 in Smarts

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