An Elf Among Trolls

Reynaud Chaustin is a second-generation dissenter Elf. His parents, while they were still relatively young, decided to leave the Kingdom of Helana, seeking prosperity and opportunity among the stars. They ended up, through poor planning and understanding of interstellar travel, on one of the many slum planets that make up most of the Holy Empire of the Trolls, and it was here that Reynaud was born. His father found work as a servant to a clergyman, while his mother took odd jobs doing whatever she could to support their child.
It quickly became apparent that life outside of the Kingdom was not what they had hoped, and after only a few years Reynaud’s mother was killed on a job during a minor scuffle between two gangs. Already struggling with depression at the futility of their situation, his father committed suicide soon after, and at the age of six, the young Chaustin child was forced to venture out into the streets of the slumworld to survive.
Many in his situation would have died almost immediately, but Reynaud got lucky. The gang which controlled the territory he happened to be in picked him up out of the pure novelty of his race, and treated him as a mock member, much to their amusement. Over a few years, this lie became the truth, as Reynaud showed a particular skill with guns which, combined with an agility and dexterity far beyond his troll counterparts, won him a place as a true member of the gang.
It was during this time that Reynaud learned everything he needed to know about street life in the slumworlds, knowledge that he took in with a grim determination. Eventually, he left the gang behind, parting on good terms with the members who had become the closest thing he had to family, and began working as a freelance mercenary. The only individuals on the derelict planet that were willing or able to hire him were the clergymen of the Holy Empire, but these had no shortage of jobs, and his growing reputation found him plenty of work.
Reynaud held a deep grudge against the Trolls who made up the Church, quite correctly blaming them for both his own state and the deaths of his parents, but this was counterbalanced by a pure desire to survive. Little by little, his situation improved, and he eventually found steady work as a combination smuggler, hitman, and cleaner for a corrupt priest he knew only as Ioel.
Ioel represented everything Reynaud hated. The Troll was fat, decadent, and uncaring of those under him. He was also, however, a brilliant and ambitious politician within the Church and, by using Chaustin’s ever-growing talents, he was able to maneuver into ever-better positions, which in turn meant better jobs for Reynaud. Every week, he would report to Ioel, and every day he would barely succeed in keeping himself from shooting the pudgy Troll right between the eyes.

Recently, Reynaud managed to accumulate enough money through his work to afford transport out of the Troll slumworld, achieving a dream that his parents were never able to. He now seeks work as a mercenary to whoever will hire him. Despite his hate for the man, his parting with Ioel was a good one, and the now-influential clergyman made for an excellent reference.
For now, he has little purpose but to earn more money in a vague attempt to return to the Kingdom of Helana. The stories told of the Elven realms are the only memory Reynaud has of his mother and, though he does not know whether dissenting Elves are let back into the Kingdom under any circumstances, it seems as good a goal as any.

Physically, Reynaud is tall and slender of build, but obviously fit and well-muscled for a member of his race. During his time as an operative on the Troll slumworld, he learned that an out-of-place Elf attracts a lot of attention, and so has developed the habit of wearing a hood and a pair of thick sunglasses at all time which, when combined with his musculature, allows him to easily pass as a Human.
Reynaud’s talents lie almost entirely in his speed and fine dexterity, and this is obvious in the way he holds himself. Even when standing still, he seems to be filled with pent-up energy, almost like a small animal ready to bolt. Rather than running from threats, however, he has a strong tendency to sprint into danger, relying on his reflexes and hard-earned instincts to keep him safe. This run-and-gun method earned him the nickname “Ransack” in the gang he once belonged to, and Reynaud continues to introduce himself as such rather than use his real name.



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